Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meet My Boyfriend: The Demon

Hey, beauties!

Last Friday night we went to a friends birthday party and it was a theme party! The theme was rock/punk and so here is the look that my boyfriend wanted to wear. At the last minute he thought that maybe this is too much and wanted to go with the guy-liner look, but since I had already prepared myself for more work he got this awesome demon mask. I think that everybody in the party was impressed so he didn´t regret this mask for a moment. It took more time than my makeup, but it was worth it.

This mask was worn by Gene Simmons from Kiss and it was called the demon. 

We bought special facepaints for this, but to be honest they were crap, so instead I used black eyeliner by GOSH to line down the design. For filling in I used NYX Jumbo pencil in black bean and for setting black matte eyeshadow from 120 palette. For white part I used NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk and for setting ELF HD powder, because it has always left my face looking whiteish, I tought that it would be easier to use than white eyeshadow.
At the party, 4 hours after the application.
I was impressed how well this mask stayed on. Only problematic part was his eyelids - they were oily and hooded,  so black color creased instantly. Fortunately you can´t see that well when his eyes are open. Next time I will be smarter and use eyeshadow primer there. 
So in conclusion we all had fun and I think I did pretty well, because this was my first attempt ever at face painting. I think that it would be pretty great for Halloween. ;)

Thank you for reading!

Hei, kaunitarid!

Täna üks veidi testmoodi postitus, nimelt käisime reedel ühe sõbranna sünnipäeval, aga kuna tegu oli rock/punk stiilis peoga, siis pidi ju midagi tegema, et nö teemas olla. Vahetult enne pidu oli mu elukaaslane veel kahtleval seisukohal ja oleks peaaegu valinud nn guy-liner looki, aga õnneks valis ta siiski silmapaistvama näo. Kes ei tea, miks postituse pealkirjas on Deemon, siis väike selgitus. Nimelt on meigi tuntuks teinud Gene Simmons KISSist ning seda nägu kutsuti the demon.
Jah, see pole perfektne aga võtke ka arvesse, et tegin üldse igasugust näomaalingut esimest korda, nii et vist võis rahule jääda. Aega võttis see küll rohkem kui ükskõik milline minu meik- pidin ju musta mitte valgega segama ning tipud teravaks jätma.
Ostsime küll spetsiaalsed näovärvid, aga kuna nende katvus oli üsna kehv, siis asi lõppes ikka sellega, et kasutasin oma varusid. Käiku läksid: must silmapliiats(piirjooned, huuled), NYXi jumbo silmapliiatsid toonis black bean ja milk ning must matt lauvärv ja ELFi HD puuder. Viimane jääb vähemalt minu näol alati valge, nii et igapäevaselt ma teda ei kasuta, aga tundub, et leidsin hea otstarbe sellele. 
Peal püsis mask päris hästi, ainuke probleem oli silmalaugudega, kuna nad on üsna rasused ja ka kulm kuipub lau peale vajuma, siis umbes 2 sekundiga oli must värv triipudeks muutunud. Õnneks kui silmad lahti, siis pole seda näha, aga järgmine kord olen targem ning kasutan silmalaugudel lauvärvi aluskreemi.  Ise jäime rahule, oli väga efektne ning nö peo nael. :D
Rahakotile on aga halb uudis see, et ma tahaksin nüüd grimmeerimist veel rohkem õppida (tähendab, soov oli juba varasemalt ning nüüd ainult süvenes). Öösel koju jõudes uudistasin ka eriefektide tarbeks juba mõndasid kaupu netipoodides. Mmm... haavade tegemiseks mõeldud vaha, lateks ning kunstveri, siit ma tulen! :D

Aitäh, et lugesite!

Loos: Võida kutse ilumessile

Hey, beauties!

Sorry in advance, because this post is going to be in Estonian only - I am giving away some tickets to one of our largests beauty events: Beauty fair which takes place 5.-7. october (yay, that is next weekend :) )in Tallinn. I have been waiting for it ever since last year´s fair ended. This year I have prepared myself with a bunch of bussinesscards, so I do feel really professional- haha :D

Hei, kaunitarid!

Annan ka siin teada, et loosin välja 10 kutset ilumessile, mis leiab aset juba järgmisel nädalavahetusel Tallinnas Näituste messikeskuses. Olen oodanud seda juba sellest hetkest alates kui eelmise aasta mess lõppes. Sellel aastal olen paremini ettevalmistatud ning mul on juba veebruarist olemas ka visiitkaardid - tunnen ennast nagu professionaal. haha. 
Loosimine ise on minu Facebooki fännilehel, kus kirjas ka kõik reeglid osalemiseks. Ootan kõiki osalema! Kes mind kohata tahab, siis kõige tõenäolisemalt olen ma seal laupäeval. Sellel aastal loodetavasti mitte ainult külalisena, aga kes-kus-mis näete-kuulete kohapeal kui kõik läheb nii nagu plaanitud. ;)

Monday, September 24, 2012

TAG: 40 Beauty questions

Hey, beauties!

I haven't done any beauty related TAGs for a while, so today I felt like answering some beauty questions for you. I found them on Dyna's Random  blog, she is a beauty blogger from Malta. You can read her answers here.  Actually there are 42 questions, so I don't know why it is called 40 questions TAG.

So, let's begin, first section is about skin care.
1. How many times do you wash your face daily?
Once or twice a day, usually in the night before bed.
2. What skin type do you have?
I have normal to combination skin.
3. What is your current facial wash?
Tea tree foaming cleanser from the body shop, just bought my second bottle of it, because I love it so and TBS had small sale going on (20%off).
4. Do you exfoliate?
Yes, but not regularly, because all the exfoliators that I have tried hurt on my skin- maybe my skin is just too sensitive, so it is not that pleasent experience.
5. What brand do you use?
At the moment I use Lumene Natural Code.
6. What moisturizer do you use?
Again, a product by The body shop, my favorite is their vitamin E moisture cream, which is just basic moisturizing cream with light floral scent.
7. Do you have freckles?
No, I don't think so, I have some sunspots on my nose and one on my cheek, but I wouldn't call them freckles.
8. Do you use eye cream?
Yes, but again, not regularly, I just tend to forget. I have used an eyecream from JOIK and at the moment I use The body shop vitamin E eyecream - again I bought it excatly a week ago from their sale and can't give you a full review yet. It absorbs quickly and moisturizes pretty well, my under eye area feels more hydrated and skin feels fresh.
9. Do you or don't you have acne prone skin?
Well, I guess I do, but I haven't had severe acne in my life... I do have blackheads aka comedones which is mets the diagnostic criteria for acne and get a few pimples here and there, but nothing too bad, so I can't complain really.
10. Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?
I have heard of it, but I don't think that this product range is available in Estonia, so no I haven't used it.

Next section is about make-up, yay!
11. What foundation to you use?
For about half a year I have used mineral foundation by Lumiere, my tone is light medium beige, this tone has quite neutral undertone and it matches me pretty well, altough actually I have warm undertones, that means my skin seems to be a bit yellow.
12. How about a concealer?
I use YSL Touche eclat as an undereye concealer, but it doesn't cover everything and yes, I do know, it is meant to be used as a highlighter. On spots I use just regular concealer stick, at the moment one by Avon, but I don't like it very much. Next I am planning to buy Bourjois Healthy mix concealer - this has liquid form and thus suits very well for undereye area.
13. Do you know your undertone?
Yes, as I said above, I have warm undertones.
14. What do you think of fake lashes?
I think that they do give amazing effect on your eyes, but I haven't mastered the application technique yet, so so far I prefer just regular mascara for my lashes. I might try out the permanent fake lashes soon, but I have to think about that, because they are glued to your eyelashes individually and after the removal you might end up with no lashes at all. Of course they grow back, but who wants to be without eyelashes for 1-2 months. Not me.
15. Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes I know, but still I ignore this recommendation, because usually my mascaras last me for 6 months and I don't have piles of money laying around, so far I haven't got an eye infection, so everything is fine.
16. What brand of mascara do you use?
At the moment I have one by Clinique, in the past I have liked Loreal and max factor mascaras. Maybelline does pretty decent mascaras too and although I like the effect they give to my lashes, they tend to flake and smudge on me, so I don't love-love them.
17. Sephora or MAC?
We don't have Sephoras in Estonia and we have only one MAC counter in Tallinna Kaubamaja, so I have to say MAC. BUT I love the idea of Sephora stores more, because you can get different makeup brands there, so more vairety is always better than just one brand, because every brand has some amazing products and some that are not so good.
18. Do you have a MAC-pro card?
No, I don't, but I wish I had one, unfortunately I don't think that in Estonia, being a beauty blogger-vlogger is enough to get one, you actually have to be a professional makeup artist or work somewhere else in the beauty industry.
19. What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?
Mostly brushes, sometimes my fingers-  for example, blending out concealer or applying light eyeshadow all over the lid when I am in a hurry and don´t need precision.
20. Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
Yes, because primers do make a difference! Eyeshadows last much longer, are more vibrant and don't crease.
21. Do you use makeup primer for the face?
No, I am too lazy to do that.
22. What is your favorite eyeshadow color/shade?
I acutally don't have one favorite, but as far as colors go I use neutrals (from ivory to dark browns) and pinks mostly. My most used eyeshadow is Soulmates from Too Faced Romantic Eye palette, you can see my review here.
23. Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
I use liquid eyeliner more, my favorite so far has been High precision eyeliner by ArtDeco. Review here.
24. How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
First of all, this is kind of silly question, but to be truthful I have never poked myself in the eye with an eyeliner.
25. What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
There are many gorgeous shades out there, but I tend to use regular pressed eyeshadows more than pigments, becauseusually they are loose and get everywhere. Also eyepigments sometimes need some tricks to make the work and I don't know them all to get most out of them.
26. Do you use mienral makeup?
Yes, as I said, I use mineral foundation all the time and my favorite blush is from ELF mineral line, it is called coral. At first, I felt that this is too light for my skintone, but now I think that it gives nice natural glow to the face and it is my go to blush.
27. What is your favorite lipstick?
To be honest, I don't wear lisptick too often, I prefer lipgloss, but if I have to choose, maybe Rimmel Airy Fairy or Make up Store Attitude. So I prefer neutrals and warm coral pinks.
28. What is your favorite lipgloss?
I have two, both are NYX mega shine lipglosses, one is smokey look and the other is beige(actually a neutral light pink, not beige as the name suggests.)
29. What is your favorite blush to use?
I prefer light coral blushes, ELF mineral blush in coral is my favorite!
30. Do you buy your makeup from ebay?
Yes, I do, for example all of my NYX products are from bought from ebay.
31. Do you like drugstore makeup?
Yes, most of my makeup products are from so called drugstore brands, we don't have drugstores in Estonia, those brands are usually sold in regular department stores or supermarkets.
32. Do you go to cosmetic company outlets?
No, but I probably would, if we had any here.
33. Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?
Of course I have considered it, I would love to learn how to do makeup on others better. I think I have done do makeup on yourself part pretty well so far, so I don't need any help in that field. I would love to learn special effects makeup, like how to do scars and how to make people look older.
34. Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
No, I don't think so, I am just a bit unorganized and usually I end up using several products for one purpose.
35. Makeup crime that you hate?
Shimmery, metallic eyeshadows on older ladies - not a pretty sight. I quess that they just don't know that there are more flattering eyeshadow finishes too and just go with what they have used for decades.
36. Do you like colorful shades of makeup?
Well, take a guess, if you have read my blog for a longer time, then you know that I like to expriment with eyeshadows. For lips and cheeks I prefer more neutral shades.
37. Which celebrity always has great makeup?
I love Mila Kunis' makeup looks, usually she wears brown smokey eye that suits her well.
38. If you could leave the house wearing just one makeup item, what would it be?
Probably mascara, because ti gives my eyes more awake look.
39. Could you leave the house without any makeup on at all?
Yes, I could and I do it regularly, not a problem for me.
40. Do you think you look good even without any makup on?
Yes, but I look better with light dusting of mineral foundation, blush, mascara and lipgloss.
41. What is the best makeup line?
Here comes very politically correct answer, I can't pick one, because all have their pros and cons.
42. What do you think of makeup?

Thank you for reading and feel free to answer these questions on your blog, because I TAG all of you! :) 

Hei, kaunitarid!

Ma kogu pikka teksti ümber seekord tõlkima ei hakka, aga põhimõtteliselt on tegu 40 iluteemalise küsimusega, mis kullimängu põhimõttel on mõnda aega juba internetiavarustes ringlenud. Kullimäng käib nii, et vastad ise küsimustele ja siis kas valid inimesed välja, kelle vastuseid sa lugeda sooviks(kaasblogijad jms) või ütled lihtsalt, et kõik soovijad võivad vastata.
Minu arvates aitavad sellised küsimused teil minuga lähemalt tuttavaks saada, seetõttu otsustasin ka neile vastata.
Esimesed 10 küsimust käivad nahahoolduse kohta, millest kiire lühikokkuvõte on põhimõtteliselt see, et:
mul on kombineeritud nahk, mis ikkagi kaldub kergelt probleemse poole. Mis tooteid täpselt kasutan, leiate mu näohooldusrutiini postitusest siit, ütlen niipalju, et suurt midagi maist muutunud ei ole.
Ülejäänud 32 küsimust on meigiteemalised, sealt saate lugeda, millised on mu lemmikud ja enimkasutatavad tooted. Eelistan igapäevaselt pigem neutraalseid toone ja tagasihoidlikumat meiki, kuid mul pole midagi ka selle vastu, kui pean nö palja näoga avalikkuse ette minema. Huulevärvidest neutraalseid ning roosakaid huuleläikeid, huulepulgad mulle nii väga ei meeldi.
Põhimõtteliselt arvan, et meik=kunst.

Aitäh, et lugesite!

Friday, September 21, 2012

FOTD: Jewel toned smokey eyes

Hey, beauties!

In the previous post I showed you autumn 2012 makeup trend and today I am going to show you my take on it. I decided to go with green beacause in my opinion it brings out the green in my eyes, so it suits me more than blue. Purple will always be my favorite, but for now, I wanted to try something new.

Products used:
FACE: Rimmel 25h Lasting Finish Foundation in Ivory (wow, it is not too dark for me now, but I still can't use it in the winter)
Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light 8used with pretty heavy hand because I didn't use any blush and wanted to sculpt my cheeks more)
Maybelline Fit Me concealer in light (it covered my dark circles pretty well, I am impressed. At the moment the tone suits me too, which is great!)
Make up store tinted eyeprimer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean (although I used primer, it still creased a bit.. :( )
All the eyeshadows are from 120 palette (1st edition): green, teal, black, shimmery ivory and golden colors
Avon Supershock eyeliner in black (on the lower waterline)
Clinique High Impact Mascara
All the eyeshadows that I used for this look.
MUA Eyebrown pencil in brunette (a bit dark for me) + NYX Eyebrow kit in blonde (to make my brows a bit lighter after the disaster with MUA, this is the one that I use regularly).
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Smokey look

Excuse my hair, they have a bad day today.. the bleached highlights that I had last week made them very dry and unmanagable.
Thank you for reading!

Hei, kaunitarid!

Lubasin eelmises, sügistrendide postituses, et näitan teile ka enda tehtud varianti sellest ja siin see nüüd ongi. Valisin rohelise tooni, kuna sinised ei kuulu mu lemmikute hulka ning roosasid-lillasid kasutan niigi väga tihti ehk siis tundus see variant mõnusa vaheldusena.
Midagi ülikeerulist ma ei teinud, alustasin MUS aluskreemiga, millele kandsin peale musta kreemja silmapliiatsi - sellega panin lauvärvi kuju paika. Vaatamata aluskreemile on NYXi Black Bean silmapliiatsil ikkagi kalduvus laovaokestesse koguneda, nii et üliväga ma seda toodet ei soovita. Seejärel võtsin 120 lauvärviga paletist tumerohelise ja kandsin selle üle kogu lau, jättes ainult väga väikse osa sisenurgast puutumata. Seejärel võtsin natuke heledama särava roheka tooni ja kandsin selle lau keskele. Silma välisnurka ja koopajoonele kandsin musta mati lauvärvi pisikese pintsliga ning seejärel hajutasin värvid kokku. Kulmuluule läks kergelt sädelev hele lauvärv ning silma sisenurka kuldse helgiga hele lauvärv. (üritan pildid lauvärvidest hiljem lisada, hetkel pole aega)
Alumisele ripsmejoonele kandsin kõigepealt musta ning seejärel ka veidi rohelist tooni. Alumisele veejoonele(limaskestale), kandsin AVON superscohk musta silmapliiatsi. 
Silmad lõpetasin ripsmete värvimisega- seekord jätsin kunstripsmed jälle ära, kuna eelmisel korral ei õnnestunud see ikkagi liiga hästi.... 
Ülejäänud nägu on lihtne: kontuurisin ja kandsin highlighterit põsesarnadele, põsepuna ei kasutanud. Huultele kerge huuleläige ning kulmud korda ja valmis. MUA kulmupliiats on mulle siiski veidi tume, nii et üritasin seda heledamaks muuta oma tavapärase NYXi kulmupaletiga. Kahjuks mul sobivamat tooni kulmupliiatsit hetkel ei ole, aga sellise meigi puhul on vaja veidi tugevamat kulmu, mis silmi ilusti raamiks.
Kogu toodete nimekirja näete üleval, ei hakka seda tõlkima.
Vabandust, et juuksed nii halvasti hoiavad, nad ei käitu viimasel ajal väga hästi - no eks need blondeeritud salgud ole selles süüdi, et nad nii kuivad ja raskesti käsitletavad on. Võite mõnda head juukseseerumit või väga kerget õli soovitada. Eelistaks spreina, sest seda on palju mugavam kasutada.
Aitäh, et lugesite!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn 2012 makeup trends: eyes

Hey, beauties!

I know that most of my readers probably know already what's in trend this season, but I still decided to do my autumn/fall 2012 series. Some of the trends I will do on myself do, but not everything, because for example the dark lips trend is too much for me. No matter what makeup you wear, you still must feel comfortable doing so.
First trend that I am going to highlight today is jewel toned eyes. There is a wide variety of jewel tones which might be a bit overwheling, but I am going to give you some glues how to make it more you...
So how you can choose the right color for you - of course you can just experiment with colors, but you can also take your eye color and skin tone into account when doing so. Basic color wheel principles apply here too, so if you want your own eye color to "pop", choose opposite color on the color wheel. For example green eyed beauties like me could try out emeralds, brown eyed girls can try out amethyst and purples, blue tones for gray eyes etc. If eyeshadow seems too bold for you, you can try this trend out with jewel toned eyeliner. If you don´t have so bright eyeliners, you can take some mixing liquid by make up store or ELF Makeup lock and seal and use it with any of the eyeshadows that you already own to turn them into waterproof eyeliner.
This isn' t definitely appropriate for work, but you can wear this eyelook for a night out for example. Also, you should bare in mind that usually only one part of your face should be the focal point. So when you are going for the jewel toned eyes, you should keep your cheeks and lips quite pale& natural. 
Here are some great examples: 

In the next post I am going to show you my take on this trend ;) If you follow me on facebook, then you probably have already seen part of it. :) 

Thank you for reading!

Hei, kaunitarid!

Usun, et palud mu lugejatest on selle sügise meigitrendidega juba tuttavad, aga mõtlesin siiski sellel teemal paar postitust kirjutada. Mõndasid neist näitan ka enda peal, aga näiteks tumedaid huuli ma katsetama ei hakka, sest tean, et ei tunne ennast sellise meigiga mugavalt. Näitan ikkagi neid, mida isegi kannaksin. :)
Esimeseks trendiks on juveelitoonides lauvärvid - sinised, lillad, rohelised jne. Loomulikult ei keela keegi värvidega eksperimenteerida, et leida endale sobiv variant, aga asjade lihtsustamiseks annan teile paar vihjet.
Esiteks võiks lähtuda värvivalikul oma silmade värvist, kuna värvikettal olevad vastasvärvid toovad oma värvi hästi esile või sarnased toonid. Näiteks sobib lilla toon suurepäraselt pruunide silmade omanikele, erksam roheline roheliste silmade korral ning sinine toon harmoneerub hallikate ning siniste silmadega. 
Teiseks ei ole kindlasti tegu päevameigiga, kuid sellised toonid sobivad suurepäraselt õhtuseks väljaminekuks värvikama suitsusilma tegemiseks. Kui nii julge ei ole ja kogu laugu erksa värviga katta ei soovi, võib kasutada ka juveelitooni silmapliiatsit või lainerit. Kui sobivat tooni pliiatsi kujul ei ole, võite alati ka kõige tavalisema lauvärvi laineriks muuta. Kõige lihtsam viis on veega, aga see ei taga väga head püsivust. Konkreetselt selleks otstarbeks mõeldud tooteid leiate aga pea iga firma valikust. Näiteks meenub mulle kohe Make up store´i Mixing liquid(hind 11.2€) või ELFi Studio seeria Lock&Seal vedelik(u 4.5€). 
Kolmandaks, kuna põhitähelepanu on silmadel, siis jätke ülejäänud nägu üsna neutraalseks. Mina kasutaksin põskedel päiksepuudrit ning highlighterit ning huultel naturaalset tooni või heledamat huulpulka/läiget. Ma ise armastan läikeid rohkem, mugavam kasutada ja huultel mõnusam. 
Täna imetlege ülevalpool olevaid pilte ning homme-ülehomme näitan teile enda interpretatsiooni sellest trendist. Usun, et eraldi postitusena on seda parem teha, kuna saan välja tuua kõik kasutatud tooted.
Aitäh, et lugesite!

Friday, September 14, 2012

NOTD: Electric blue

Hey, beauties!

Today I am showing you a nail polish by Calvin Klein in Electric blue. I got it from Adorebox and according to their information, this costs 13.5€. I really don´t know is this accurate or not, because I haven´t seen it in stores here. 
Anyway, this is deep yet vibrant blue with shimmer finish. On my nails is 2 coats, you could maybe get away with one thicker coat, but that might cause the drying time to be too long. I used seche vite on top of it, so I really don´t  know how long it would have dried on it´s own. 

About staying power - well, I was not impressed, just like any other nail polish, it started to peel of on the 3rd day.
In the Adorebox post I complained about the brush, so I thought, maybe it would be appropriate to show you the brush here. If anyone has tried Calvin Klein nailpolishes, can you please let me know if you have had any problems with their brushes?
In conclusion: gorgeous color, but I hated the application due to wonky brush that made the application unprecise and streaky. Staying power isn´t anything special, so IMO it isn´t worth the higher price tag.
Thank you for reading!

Hei, kaunitarid!

Täna näitaksin teile Calvin Kleini küünelakki toonis Electric blue, mille sain oma augusti adoreoxist.(lingilt vaata, mis tooteid ma veel sain ;)) Eestis ma seda lakki müügil pole näinud, seega ei oska öelda, kas Adoreboxi infolehelt vastu vaadanud 13.5€ hind ka tõele vastab. Küüntele on kantud 2 kihti lakki, võimalik, et oleks ka ühest paksemast kihist piisanud, aga siis oleks lakk tõenäoliselt terve igaviku kuivanud... loomulikult ma seda kindlalt väita ei saa, sest kasutasin järjekordselt kiiresti kuivatavat pealislakki. Küüntel püsimises oli lakk keskmik st et nagu kõik teised lakid, hakkas ka see 3.päeval rohkem kasutatavatelt sõrmeküüntelt maha kooruma (pöidlad ja nimetissõrmed). 
Adoreboxi postituses virisesin ka küünelaki pintsli üle, mis on ebatasane nagu näete ka ülevalolevalt pildilt. See tegi laki pealekandmise ebatäpseks ning lakk jäi alguses küüntel triibuline. Loomulikult ma lõikasin need väljaturritavad otsad maha, et edaspidi siiski seda mugavam kasutada oleks. Pintsel ise on üsna pisike ja vars lühike, nii et ka sirgena ei ole see kõige mugavam tööriist. 
Kui kellegi veel on Calvin Kleini lakkidega kogemusi, siis palun öelge, millised olid teie lakipudelite pintslid, võibolla teen siin praegu head firmat ilma asjata maha ja mulle sattus lihtsalt kehv eksemplar.
Kokkuvõttes on tegu imekena sinise tooniga, mis selle sügise värvigammasse hästi sulandub, kuid ma ei ole kindel, et see konkreetne isend oleks väärt nii suurt numbrit hinnasildil. Järjekordselt palun vabandust oma brutaalse aususe eest, aga pimesi kiitmine ei ole minu rida. :D

Aitäh, et lugesite!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: August Adorebox

Hey, beauties!

Today I wanted to show you adorebox, I just got it today, so no long reviews now, just first impressions. This is second Adorebox available in Estonia, unfortuantely I missed the first one(for July), but at the moment I am not going to miss the next ones ;)

Anyway, it is a beauty box service and it costs 11.99€(includes free shipping to your doorstep). They promise to deliver 4-5 beauty products each month- full size & samples. The products that you get are somewhat personalized beacuse you have to fill out questinnaire about yourself. They want to know your skincolor, what kind of makeup and nail colors do you prefer etc. 
I love this beautybox because they can offer more variety of brands and they have more makeup products in the box that Glambox ever had. At the moment they offer this service to Estonians, Latvians and Lithuainians.
Täna sain kätte oma elu esimese Adoreboxi, nii et (VÄGA) pikki tootekirjeldusi praegu ei tule, lihtsalt esmamuljed. Tegelikult on see juba 2.kuu kui Adorebox Eestis saadaval on, aga esimesest jäin ma ilma - praeguse karbi põhjal järgmistest küll ilma jääda ei tahaks ;)

Tegemist on Ilukarbi teenusega, mis maksab 11.99€ - asjade lihtsustamiseks on kulleriga koju toomine hinnas, ülimugav! Karbis on 4-5 ilutoodet ja testrid. Tooted, mille oma karbist leiate on ikkagi veidi personaliseeritud, näiteks toonide valik on karbiti erinev ja mulle tundub, et minu küsimustiku vastuseid on ikka loetud ;) Küsitakse nt kas juuksed on värvitud, kas nad on lokkis või sirged, milliseid küünelakke ja meigitooteid eeslitate (silmad-huuled jms eraldi!). 
Miks mulle meeldib see juba praegu rohkem kui Glambox - kuna tegemist on rahvusvahelise firmaga suudavad nad pakkuda rohke mulle huvi pakkuvaid brände ning karp on suunatud pigem meigihuvilistele - mina isiklikult ei tahaks iga kuu oma nahahooldustooteid vahetada, küll aga võin seda teha küünelakkide ja huuleläigetega kasvõi iga nädal ;) Hetkel on teenus suunatud Baltikumi riikidele. Adorebox on olemas ka Facebookis, kus aegajalt korraldatakse ka magusate auhindadega fännimänge ;)

So in this months Adorebox I had: /Minu Augusti karbis olid järgmised tooted:
1. Sally Hansen Daily Moisture Gloss in Clear Treasure: full size, 1.2g, normal price 4.5€/ Täissuuruses, maksab 4.5€
This promises to give you smooth lips that look and feel great, because it contains aloe, vitamin E and apricot oil. 
At first glance this really reminds me of ELF Essential lipglosses, it even has the same orange smell to it. I love the color! This is a bit sticky, but it means that it will stay on the lips for longer. The color is super pretty and me too- I guess that ADorebox team really reads our answers ;) Clear treasure is cute light pink lipgloss with golden sparkles.
Sally Hanseni huuleläige on mõeldud igapäevaseks kasutamiseks ning lisaks sellele, et ta näeb huultel kena välja, sisaldab ta ka hooldavat aaloet, aprikoosiõli ning E vitamiini. Tegemist on veidi paksema tekstuuriga ja kleepuvama huuleläikega, aga eks see kõik tagab selle, et ta 2 sekundiga su huultelt minema ei lippa. Lõhnalt ja pakendilt meenutab väga ELFi Essential line'i huuleläikeid, aga usun et pigem on ELF see, kes toodet on nö kopeerinud. Tundub, et ka küsimustikku on reaalselt loetud, sest panin sinna kirja, et eelistan roosakaid/loomulikke huuli, nii et tooniga läks küll hästi. Tegemist on imekena roosa huuleläikega, millel sees ka kuldne sädelus. 

2.Calvin Klein Splendid Colour Nail Polish in electric blue: full size 10ml, normal price 13.6€/
Täissuuruses, maksab 13.6€
This is supposed to be high quality nail polish that contains nail fortifiers and has no-chip formula. 
First of all, this was the first item that caught my eye, when I opened my box - such a vibrant blue! I was thinking about buying that kind of color from Maybelline colorama new nail polishes, but for now that will stay in the shop. 
What I didn't find so great about this polish was the brush - it was uneven and so it was impossible to apply nail polish evenly, the result was really streaky. Of course you can fix it easely, but why am I supposed to do that with so expensive polish, I don't know and I don't find that very amusing. 
I can't tell you about the longetivity just yet, but 2 coats was enough to achieve full opacity. I don't know about the drying time, because I used Seche vite as my topcoat.
Lubatakse, et tegu on kvaliteetse küünelakiga, millel on küüsi tugevdavad omadused ning mis ei murdu küüntel. 
Kõigepealt, imekena toon, täpselt selline oli plaanis osta Maybelline Colorama uute lakkide valikust, kuid nüüd jääb too lakk minust ilmselgelt poodi. Mis mulle ei meeldinud on pintsel, harjased olid ebaühtlase pikkusega ja lakki pealekandes jäi tulemus loomulikult triibuline. Õnneks saab selle vea ise lihtsalt parandada lõigates natuke neid sirgemaks AGA ma ei oleks seda oodanud sellise firma küünelakilt nagu on seda Calvin Klein. 
Lakk ise tundub täitsa asjalik olevat, piisab kahest kihist et saavutada täielik katvus - ühe õhukese kihiga jäi lakk siiski veidi laiguline. Püsivuse kohta veel rääkida ei oska. Milline ta küüntel on, näete varsti.

3. Bourjois Liner Clubbing Liquid Eyeliner in Violet laser, full size, 4ml, 10.5€/
Täissuuruses toode, maksab 10.5€
This is supposed to be ultra resistant liquid eyeliner that should stay put even when you sweat or cry. It has tiny brush for precise application. I got it in Violet laser color which is medium purple with gold sparkles. It is quite smudge proof once it is try, but it isn't waterproof (came off easily with pure water).
Kolmas toode mu karbis on Bourjois' vedel lainer toonis violet laser, mis on keskmist tooni lilla kuldse sädelusega. Jällegi toonivalik on super! Tootel on pisike pintsel, mis lihtsustab ka keerukama "cat-eye" joonistamist. Lainer on üsna hea püsivusega, sest alles tugeva hõõrumisega hakkas ta maha tulema ilma laiali minemata. Päris veekindel ta ei ole, sest käe pealt eemaldus ta küll ka puhta veega. Lubatud on ultra püsivust, eks aeg näitab kas ja kui kaua ta mu laugudel püsib. :)

4. Royal Chick makeup bag. 5.2€ /  Royal Chick kosmeetikakott 5.2€
Piisavalt suur kosmeetikakott, millel on sees ka üks väiksem tasku ning mida on kerge puhastada - ega selle kohta polegi rohkem ju võimalik öelda. :D

5. L´occitane shower oil with almond oil, 35ml, travel size, 3.6€/ Reisisuuruses mandli dušiõli, 35ml, 3.6€
This shower oil transforms into soft foam when coming in contact with water. It should be very moisturizing for the skin, because besides almond oil, it also contains grape seed oil, sun flower oil and rosemary leaf extract. The smell of this is quite strong, but it is so good that I don't mind it. I haven't used this one yet to tell you what I think about it. 
Tegemist on dušiõliga, mis veega kokkupuutudes muutub õrnaks vahuks, mis puhastab efektiivselt jättes naha samal ajal mõnusalt niisutatuks. Tegemist on üsna tugevalt lõhnava tootega, kuid kuna see on nii mõnus, siis see mind küll kuidagi ei häiri. Ma pole seda veel jõudnud katsetada.

+ little extra products were L´occitane samples - hand cream and hydration cream. 

+ Väikse lisand Adoreboxi poolt olid kreemitestrid L´occitane'lt - kätekreem ning 2 pakikest niisutava kreemiga. 

So my overall opinion is that I am pretty pleased with Adorebox and if you can, try it out!
Thank you for reading!

Kokkuvõttes olen oma esimese Adoreboxiga rahul ja soovitan seda teilegi. Rohkem infot leiate nende kodulehelt aga võite alati ka siin küsida, vastan teile meeleldi. :) Kindlasti on karbis olevad tooted väärt rohkem kui karbi hind. Nagu ma sissejuhatuses ka ütlesin, siis iga kell olen valmis proovima uusi meigitooteid , kuid nahahooldustooteid nii tihti vahetada ei tahaks. 
Aitäh, et lugesite!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup for 7th September

Hey, beauties!

Here is another weekly roundup from Beauty blog coalition. I know that I haven't posted it that regularly, but I hope to change it. 

Thank you for reading!

Friday, September 7, 2012

CLOSED][International Giveaway!

Hey, beauties!

I wanted to thank you with a giveaway, because I hit 200 000 pageviews yesterday and also I have now over 500 fans on facebook.
This is International giveaway!
All the prizes were purchased by me.
If you want to enter this giveaway, use the rafflecopter form below.
Good Luck!

So here is what you can win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hei, kaunitarid!

Siin on lubatud loos, mille hõikasin hiljuti välja oma Facebooki fännilehel. Arvestasin auhinna koostamisel ka teie soovidega- päris palju mainiti lauvärve ning MUA püiksepuudrit. Osalemiseks täitke allolev vorm ja palun ärge jätke lahtreid tühjaks- ma tõesti kontrollin kõik osalejad üle ja eelmisel korral oli tühje lahtreid päris palju. Kui olete google friend connecti kaudu follower, siis tehke seda avalikult ehk valige Public - lihtsalt sellepärast, et ma pärast kontrollida saaksin. 

Ühesõnaga on kaks asja, mida PEAB tegema, et osaleda:
1. Olema GFC kaudu minu blogi jälgija (leiate paremalt küljeribalt follow nupu)
2. Vajutama like minu blogi fännilehele (lingi leiate rafflecopteri vastava lahtri juurest või paremalt küljeribalt).

Muid asju võite teha, kui soovite, aga ei pea. 
Auhinna ostsin ise ning kuigi on tegu nn odavama otsa toodetega, pole need millegi poolest halvemad kallimatest. 
Näiteks lauvärvi paletti võrdlen kurikuulsa Urban Decay paletiga siin (ja teie saate ikka täiesti uue paleti, mul on isiklik MUA palett eraldi olemas). 
MUA bronzed perfection on heledam matt päiksepuuder. 
NYX Sweetheart huuleläiget on võrreldud NARSi Turkish Delightiga, mis on kordi kallim.
NYXi jumbo pliiatseid vast teavad juba kõik, tegu on suurepäraste toodetega lauvärvide alla. Kasutades ka aluskreemi ehk praimerit püsivad nad ka eraldi kasutades hästi. 
ELFi põsepuna on lihtsalt mõnus lisand, mis minu silmis muutis komplekti tervikuks. 

Kõige aktiivsem kommenteerija saab loosi 10 lisahäält, võite kommenteerida kõiki mu postitusi. 

Mõlgutan mõtteid juba järgmiseks loosiks, mis tuleb siis kui blogil on täitunud 1001 jälgijat (miks 1001? sest mulle meeldib see number :D ).

Head loosiõnne!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

FOTD: I miss summer already

Hey, beauties!

Yesterday I review The Body Shop´s new BB cream (well at least in EStonia it has been available for a few weeks) and I wanted to show you a Face of the Day using it. 
Why is this post called I miss summer? Well, because in Estonia this year the summer was pretty non -exsistent. We got 1,5 weeks of normal summer weather and the rest of the time it was kind of autumn. Around 20 degrees celsius and rainy... boo. I didn't even got to go swimming this year. 
You can suggest in the comments below what should I do with my hair. Last time that I had a cut was in June and so they have grown pretty long and I do have some split ends. I thought about coloring my hair red in the spring, but never got to it. So in this FOTD photo you basically see my natural color again (well in real life they are a bit lighter.)

Here is everything I used to get this look:
Eyeshadows that I used:
3 lightest shades from the brown side of Comfort zone palette.
Thank you for reading!

Hei, kaunitarid!

Jälle üks kiire FOTD (ehk igapäevase meigi näide :P), kasutasin siin The Body Shopi All in one BB kreemi ning ülejäänud asjad leiate pildilt. Lisaks kasutasin Clinique High Impact ripmsetušši.
Kommentaaridesse võite lisada, mida ma oma juustega ette võtta võiks- punaseks ma neid siiski kevadel ei värvinud. Nad on juba päris pikad, kuid otsad on kohati lõhenenud, nii et tuleb lähiajal sammud juuksurisse seada. Pildil on nad veidi tumedamad kui tegelikkuses.
Homme teen postituse rahvusvahelise loosi kohta, täna pole selleks veel aega leidnud...
Ega rohkem polegi öelda midagi, aitäh, et lugesite!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review: The Body Shop All-in-one BB Cream

Hey, beauties!

Today I wanted to show you new product from The Body Shop, it is called All-in-one BB cream and it is part of their All-in-one makeup collection which also contains concealer, face base and blush. TBS BB cream comes in 3 shades, shade number 1 is the lightest and has pinky undertones, perfect for fair skin. Shade number 2 suits meidum skin tones and shade nr 3 darker skin tones, both of these have yellow-beige undertone.

What The Body Shop says about this:

Our new All-In-One BB cream transforms from a white cream to suit your skin tone. Pigment-filled capsules burst when applied to the skin, releasing the colour inside. Just blend for a perfect match and an even, undetectable finish. It’s make-up and skincare in one.
  • Adapts to your skin tone
  • Light to medium coverage
  • Even finish
  • 24-hour hydration
  • Non-clogging
Price: £ 12 in UK, 20.30€ in Estonia for 25ml/
Since I go so pale in the winter months and I didn't get so much sun in this Estonian summer, I chose the lightest shade although I actually have yellow undertone to my skin.

Consistency: thin liquid with tiny pigment microbeads.
Application: So I have tried applying with brush and with fingers - I found it easier to apply with fingers, but it also got a bit darker this way. When applied with a brush BB cream adjusted to my skin tone better.
Finish: is quite dewy and natural, but not oily, which I like.
Color change on my hand.
Coverage: light, it doesn't cover your breakouts, so you still need some concealer.
SPF? : no it doesn't claim to contain it, but in the ingredients list I did find Titanium Dioxide which is known spf.

Smell: product has quite strong floral scent - again, I don´t understand the need to put perfume in face products.
Staying power: is pretty good, I have combination skin and it started to look more oily about  3-4 hours later, but I didn't use any powder on that day to see how good the BB cream holds up on it's own.
Effect on my skin: skin feels moisturized and breathes, also this product didn't break me out. Feels really natural on the skin.

In conclusion: this is more tinted moisturizer than a real BB cream. From Asian BB creams I have tried skin79 BB cream and it feels a lot thicker, is more gray in tone and has a bit better coverage. If you are really pale, then shade 01 might be too orange for you. For really oily skins this might be too dewy, difinitely requires powdering. 

Have you tried TBS All-in-one BB cream? What did you think about it? What is your favorite BB cream?

Thank you for reading!

Hei, kaunitarid!

Täna siis kauaoodatud tootearvustus - nimelt sain The Body Shopilt proovimiseks nende uue All-in-one BB kreemi ning olen seda nüüd pea 2 nädalat kasutada saanud. Isiklikuks otstarbeks valisin tooni nr 1, mis on nende valikust kõige heledam - lootsin, et saan seda talvisel perioodil kasutada, kuid kardan, et siis on ta minu jaoks liiga tume/kollane. Jah, kuigi toon nr 1 on kirjade järgi roosaka alatooniga, annab ta minu nahale ikkagi pigem kollaka tooni, nii et väga kahvatutele neiudele võib see ikkagi liiga tumedaks jääda.
Kokku on TBSil All-in-one sarjas 3 erinevat tooni ehk siis igaüks võiks ju midagi leida...

Mida ütleb TBS:
See nahatooniga kohanduv kreem tasandab iluvead, hooldab näonahka ja annab 24- tunnise niisutuse. Kreem jätab nahale ühtlase ning loomuliku lõpptulemuse.
Hoolduse tagavad marula, sojaõli ning aaloegeel.
Hind: 20.30 € 25 ml tuubi eest.

Konsistentsilt on kreem võrreldes Aasia BB kreemiga(jah, ühega, sest rohkem pole ma neid veel proovinud) ikkagi vedelam ning katab vähem - antud tootega saate ainult kerge katvuse, mis aitab küll jumet ühtlustada, kuid kõiki iluvigu ta ikkagi ei varja, eks selle jaoks tuleb appi võtta ikka vastavad tooted.
Olen TBSi BB kreemi näole kandnud nii Sigma F80 pintsliga kui ka näppudega ning pean ütlema, et näppudega läks asi palju valutumalt - oli kergem hajutada ning tulemus jäi ühtlasem. Katvusel ma erinevate pealekandmisviiside puhul suurt vahet ei märganud. Näppudega pealekandes ei tohi liigselt nahka siluda ja masseerida, sest võite nii liiga tumeda tulemuse saada - korraga puruneb lihtsalt rohkem "pigmenditerakesi".
Nahal jääb ta pigem kergelt läikiv ja mõnusalt kumav, ka ilma puudri ja praimerita püsis toode 3-4h ilusti peal, muutumata õliseks/liigselt läikivaks. Usun, et hea praimeri ning puudriga peab see ka minu kombineeritud nahal vastu u 7-8h ehk ühe täispika tööpäeva.
Kellel on tundlikumad ninad, siis hoiatan ette, et tootel on kerge lillelõhn(minu subjektiivne hinnang) - ühesõnaga tegu ei ole lõhnavaba tootega!
Kokkuvõttes on tegu ikkagi pigem kerge katvusega tooniva päevakreemiga kui päris BB kreemiga, milles ei ole muidugi midagi halba, sest parimatel päevadel ma ei vajagi rohkem katvust - õnneks mul ei ole väga kohutav nahk.

Kas te olete juba mõnda BB kreemi vahepeal katsetanud? Kas olete proovinud ka TBSi BB kreemi ja kui jah, siis kuidas teile see sobis?

Aitäh, et lugesite!

Väike statistika ka. Nimelt küsisin loosis, milline on teie lemmik BB kreem. Paljud vastasid, et polegi ühtegi veel proovinud, kuid väga tasavägiseks läks asi garnieri ja maybelline´i vahel- no eks see ole loomulik ka, kuna mõlemad tooted on mõnda aega juba Eesti turul olnud. 
NB! The Body Shopi loosi võitis Anni ja temaga olen ma juba ühendust võtnud! Palju õnne sulle!

Disclaimer: The Body Shop Estonia provided this product for review purposes.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review: MUA Undressed eyeshadow palette

Hey, beauties!

Today I am going to show you MUA Undressed palette which is supposed to be an exact dupe(same product, but cheaper) for Urban Decay Naked palette. Undressed palette came out about 2 months ago and it costs £ 4, like any other MUA eyeshadow palette that contains 12 colors. Available in Superdrug or MUA online store, which do ship internationally and shipping fees are actually pretty reasonable. 
So is this palette really so good as every other person tells you

Why is this a good dupe:
1. They tried to put the colors in the same order as is Naked palette.
2. This one only costs  £ 4 versus Urban Decay naked palette that costs £ 35 - that is almost 9 times less!
3. Shimmery colors have really good pigmentation. 
4. Package is smaller so it is more convenient to take with you. Always a plus if you have to travel a lot.
5. With a good eyeshadow primer they last on my lid the whole day.
6. Altough not perfect dupe, all colors look and feel really similar to the original cult favorite. 

 What I didn´t like so much:
1. Matte colors are not really comparable to UD Naked palette - Naked and Buck are much more pigmented and not so hard in texture. 
2. Package doesn´t have a mirror - I don´t really mind it, but maybe somebody wants to use it on the go, then it would be useful to have a mirror in the palette.
3. MUA eyeshadows have a bit more fallout than UD shadows. 
4. You´ll need a little bit more eyeshadow to get the same color payoff as in UD Naked palette. 

In conclusion: MUA has done a great job and for only £ 4 it is definitely worth checking out! :) 

Thank you for reading and enjoy the swatches ;)

Hei, kaunitarid!

Täna näitan teile MUA Undressed lauvärvi paletti, mis on ideaalne teisik Urban Decay Naked paletile - kõik värvid küll 100% ei kattu, kuid toonid on ikkagi piisavalt sarnased ja kui arvestada suurt hinnavahet on MUA palett igati hea variant. MUA tooteid saab tellida ka Eestisse ning saatmine maksab £ 4.95, kuid pidevalt on neil ka pakkumisi, nii et tasub nende FB fännilehel silma peal hoida.

Kõigepeal, mis mulle meeldib selle paleti juures:
1. Värvide järjekord on sama, mis Urban Decay Naked paletis - toonide paigutus on mugav.
2. Palett maksab £ 4 versus Naked paleti £ 35 vastu! See on pea 9-kordne hinnavahe! (UD palett 9x parem kindlasti pole :P )
3. Sädelevatel toonidel on hea pigment.
4. Pakend ise on väiksem, seega on seda mugavam endaga nt reisile kaasa võtta.
5. Hea lauvärvi aluskreemiga püsivad laul pea kogu päeva.
6. Kuigi kõik värvid pole 100% kaksikud, siis minu meelest piisavalt lähedased kindlasti!

Mis võiks paremini olla:
1. Matid toonid! MUA paleti matid lauvärvid pole superhead, kuna pigmentatsioon on kehv ja tekstuur on kõva.
2. Lauvärvi paletil pole peeglit- isiklikult ei kasutaks ma seda nagunii, aga ehk on keegi kes tunneks sellest rohkem puudust.
3. & 4. MUA lauvärvid on veidike pudenevad ning sama tugeva värvi saamiseks kulub neid natuke rohkem.

Kokkuvõttes: Soovitan seda paletti siiski kõigile, kellel rahakott just üle ei aja. MUA on teinud hea töö! 

Aitäh, et lugesite!